PetVet Our Story, husky lying down

Our Story

Some things just come together purrfectly. We first opened our doors to pets and their humans in 2001, armed with a passion for animals, an eagerness to serve our community, and over 30 years of experience in the pet industry already under our belts. But our story really begins, as it probably does for you too, with that first dog or cat we could actually call our own. The one that followed us everywhere and gave us a joy we’d never before experienced. The one that wouldn’t leave our side while we were sick in bed, couldn’t wait for us to come home from school and with whom we shared a bond unlike any other.

Our love of four-legged companions has only multiplied exponentially since. It’s fueled our drive to take that joy and give a little bit back to our community, by offering only the best in holistic, all-natural products and services to help make your pet’s life (and yours) as full as possible.

Stop in and say hello. We’d love to meet you and your pet, and give them a scratch behind the ear. We’re pretty sure you’ll both find Pet Vet Market to be quite a treat.